Metro 4
Operating time of No.4 line: Yishan Road to Hongqiao (whole course) 5:30-22:30
Hongqiao to Yishan Road (inner ring): 5:30-22:30
Shanghai Gym-Yishan Road (outer ring): 5:30-22:30
Metro 8
TotaI length:22.4KM. From/To: Shiguang Road in Yangpu to Yaohua Road in Pudong.Shanghai Guangming road to the Aerospace Museum: 5:30-22:30
Aerospace Museum to Shanghai Guangming Road: 5:30-22:30
Metro 10
Metro 10 Phase 1 extends from New Jiangwan Town in Yangpu to Hongqiao Hub, creating a key link from northeast to southwest. Phase II extension will be from New Jiangwan Town to Waigaoqiao Duty-bond Zone. Running time: New Jiangwan City to middle aerospace road: 5:30-21:55
middle aerospace road to New Jiangwan City: 5:30-21:55; New Jiangwan City to the Hongqiao train station: 5:35-22:00
the Hongqiao train station to the New Jiangwan City: 5:55-22:00
Metro 12
Metro 12 links the southwest and the northeast across the downtown center. which is also a critical component in the rail network, The total length is 40.4KM, starting from Qixing Road in Minhang, via Changyang Road and Fuxing Island in Yangpu, and arriving at Jinhai Road in Pudong.
Ground Traffic
There are 101 bus lines in Yangpu District, including 8 lines with both terminals within the district, 68 with one terminal and 25 with stops in the district instead of terminal. It also includes 3 peak-hour lines and 7 late-night lines. For more information, please visit
Shanghai Jinjiang Taxi Services Co., Ltd, 96961, 64648888
Shanghai Dazhong Taxi Co., Ltd.96822 (Booking), 63183880
Shanghai Qiangsheng Taxi Co., Ltd. 62580000 (Booking)
Shanghai Bashi Industries Co., Ltd. Taxi Branch 96840 (Booking), 64458484
Shanghai Haibo Taxi Co., Ltd. 96933, 61132800
Tourist Center No. 640 Longchang Road Inside Yangpu Stadium
Future: Waterway & Ground
As the mother river of Shanghai, water transportation is always one of the essential functions of Huangpu River. Entering World Expo Park on water is one of the key accesses to World Expo 2010. Located at 32 Qinhuangdao Road, Expo Water Gate - Qinhuangdao Station covers the area of 70,000 square meters, where the visitors can complete the ticket check and security inspection here before entering the Park.