Yangpu Bridge
A cable-stayed bridge across Huangpu River with two towers, independently designed and constructed, it covers the total length of 7,654 meters, including the main structure of 1,172 meters. With the width of 30.35 meters and 6 paths, the 602m main structure is the largest in class in China, like a beautiful rainbow. The 208 meters main town points straight to the sky, connected by 32 pairs of steel cables, playing the notes of a flying dragon. Mr.Deng Xiao-ping inscribed the name for bridge, who climbed up to the bridge in his 89 and commented,"It is worth many years of literature to witness this wonder!"
Designed by Mr. Chen Yi-fei, one of the art masters in the world, Wujiaochang Color Egg is considered the landmark of the new Wujiaochang Area. Assembled by all aluminum plates, it creates a huge and magnificent egg above the viaduct, which is unique both in China and abroad. Today, to appreciate the Color Egg when passing by the Middle Ring is the common awareness for all Shanghaineses. When the night arrives, over 1, 500 color lamps surround it and light up the darkness, making it one of the iconics in new Shanghai.
British Castle among Industrial Structures in Shanghai--Yangshupu Water Plant
All over Shanghai, Yangshupu Water Plant best describes the concept of castle. In spite of the Oriental Pearl behind it, it revokes the feeling of waling in the British countryside. From 1883 till now, it has born its critical missions for 127 years.
No.830 Yangshupu Road (65126789)
Landmark of Industrial Age in Shanghai--Yangshupu Power Plant
Between 1920s and 1940s, it was one of the largest thermal power plants in Far East. If interest, come to visit it and experience the century-long history of the power industry in Shanghai and China.
No.2866 Yangshupu Road (65672222)
Tobacco History--Shanghai Cigarette Factory
With the Cigarette Factory Located at Taopeng Road(today's Tongbei Road), founded by British American Tobacco plc (BAT) in ROC 14(1925), also known as BAT No.3 Factory, it was renamed Shanghai Cigarette Factory in December 1960 and became the sole major cigarette factory producing cigarette and cigar. In the new millennium, as part of Shanghai Tobacco Group, it is ranked as one of the most promising enterprises thanks to its economy of scale and operational excellence.
No.733 Changyang Road (65418740)
Shanghai's Gas Age--Yangshupu Gas Plant
As the city gas pioneer in China, as early as in 1865, gas lamps appeared in Nanjing Road and Bund Street in Shanghai, lit by dedicated workers, decorating the night and amazing the citizens. In the archive of Yangshupu Gas Plant, there is the earliest gas container in Shanghai, built by British engineers in 1930s. With the diameter of 34 meters and 10, 000 rivets, the emergence of this huge structure wrote a new chapter in Shanghai's utility industry. 
No.2524 Yangshupu Road (65437171)
Universities & Colleges

The Best University in East China Fudan University
Founded in 1905, previously known as Fudan Public School, Fudan University is the frist tertiary school independently established in China. Chosen by Mr. Ma Xiang-bo, the founder and one of the famous educators in contemporary times, the name of "Fudan" is derived from Shangshu, meaning consistent efforts, which represents the hopes of the intellectuals at that time, looking forward to self-contented education and prosperity. 
No.220 Handan Road (65642222)
Synergy&Cooperation Tongji University
A direct subordinate of Ministry of Education of China and one of the key universities, Tongji University was founded in 1907 as Tongji German Medical School established by Bao Long, a medical doctor from Germany. Dedicated to synergy and medical education,today,Tongji is a comprehensive institute covering science, engineering, medicine, art, law,economics, management and other disciplines.
No.1239 Siping Road (65982200)
Economic Intelligence Shanghai University of Finance&Economics
After generations of efforts and development, nowadays, Shanghai University of Finance &Economics is a cross-disciplinary university focusing on finance and management along with economics, business administration, law, art and science. In 1996, the school was granted as one of 100 Key National Universities by 211 Initiative. 
No.888 Guoding Road (65904057)
Hujiang, Educational Pioneer University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Rooted from Hujiang university founded in 1906, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology encompasses the largest historical building complex among all universities and colleges in Shanghai, as well as excellent greenery and landscape. It is the optimal place for faculty and students to looking back into the history and looking forward to the future.It has developed 19 fellows of China Academy of Science and China Academy of Engineering, in addition to plenty of cultural icons and social sponsors, including Lei Jie-qiong, Xie Xi-de, Xu zhi-mo, Li Dao-yu, Xu Kuang-di, Meng Jian-zhu,HuangQi-fan and LvFu-yuan
No.516 Jungong Road (55277040)
Servicing Military and Civil Missions Shanghai No.2 Military Medical University
Established in 1949 as People's Medical School of East China Military District, Shanghai No. 2 Military Medical University was renamed Shanghai Military Medical University in 1950 and then the current name in July 1951. Changhai, Changzheng and Orient Liver&Gall Surgery Hospital under its management are highly recognized for their capabilities and achievements both inside and outside the military sector. 
No.800 Xiangyin Road (25071114)
Physical & Mental Competitveness Shanghai University of Sports
Ever since its establishment, Shanghai University of Sports has developed Mr. Sun Hai-ping, the coach of Liu Xiang, one of the champions in Olympic Games Athens; Mr. Wang Yue-fang, the coach of Du Li, the first gold prize winner in Olympic Games Athens; Mr. Chen Zhong-he, Chief Coach of National Women's Volleyball Team; Mr. Ma Liang-xing, a soccer coach and many other outstanding alumni. In Olympic Games Beijing 2008, four of the students joined the competitions, among which, Zhou Shi-ming became the boxing champion in 48KM, which was the first time in China's men's boxing. 
No.345 Changhai Road (51253000)
Former Special Shanghai Municipal Government (Today's Administration Building in Shanghai University of Sports)
Stepping into Shanghai University of Sports, you may imagine yourself walking in a corner of the Forbidden City. At the front gate, a grand building in Ming and Qing architecture attracts your attention with its refinement and luxury, which is the location of Special Shanghai Municipal Government in ROC's "Greater Shanghai Program". Once inside the building, the wooden and carved stairs in red seem telling some legends in the sunrays. In the center of the ground floor, a few red rails surround a huge map of Shanghai engraved on the floor tiles. Originally a square for up to 100, 000 people. there is a number of play fields of the school in front of the building. 
No.650 Qingyuanhuan Road (51253029)
Former City Museum (Today's Imaging Building in Changhai Hospital)
Waling into Changhai Hospital, you will have the opportunity to appreciate this castle-like structure from all perspectives, where east meets west. Before liberation, it was the site of former Shanghai City Museum. With curved stairs and glass doom, every detail reveals its past glamour. In addition, at present, you can still witness the original Foundation Monument, which records the name of ROC Air Force Association, the investor of this museum, the logo of which can also be seem on the main entrance. There are also a few architectural relics of former City Hospital, Central Park and Aviation Association in Changhai Hospital and Shanghai No.2 Military Medical University next door
No.174 Changhai Road (81873649)
Former City Library(Today's Tongji Junior Middle School)
The century-old building of Tongji Middle School Used to be Shanghai City Library, which was one of the milestones in ROC's Greater Shanghai Program. Once inside the building, it drives all heat of the summer. Dark and cool, it seldom allows the entry of sunshine through the grid gate, revoking the imagination of time travel. Climb up to the second floor along the wooden stairs, the magnificent hall with tens of large columns was the main lobby of the Library. 
No.181 Heishan Road (65103401)
Former Shanghai City Stadium (Today's Jiangwan Stadium)
As the largest stadium in Far East previously for up to 40,000 people, it was designed by Mr. Dong Da-you, one of the recognized architects at that time. A national sports game celebrated its completion in 1935. Similar to all structures in Greater Shanghai Program, the stadium also reveals the mix of east and west cultures. Delicate engravings and decorations are everywhere, harmoniously working with granite rails, imperial lamps and flag poles. After liberation, this pride of all Shanghainese has constantly served its roles. After the 5th National Sports Game was held here in 1983, until now, after several renovations, it still accommodates sports and cultural events. 
No.346 Guohe Road (55225880)
China Tobacco Museum
For smokers, tobacco has its history. China Tobacco Museum offers large archive, multifunctional auditorium, VIP lobby, guide system in Chinese and English,database,tea house and cigar bar.
No.728 Changyang Road (61665092)
Shanghai Tap Water Science & Technology Museum
The Museum compromises of three exhibition areas named "History & Origin", "Modernity & Technology" and "Future & Planning" respectively. In particular, derived from 3D patching and edge combination systems in "Video Box", the visitors can fully experience the past and future of tap water in the world of images and videos, by wearing stereo glasses. 
No.830 Yangshupu Road (65126789)
Other Museums

Name Address Telephone

Shanghai Academician Museum

No.369 East Guoshun Road


Ancient China & Pottery Museum

No.220 Handan Road


Shanghai Ocean University Museum

No.318 Jungong Road


Shanghai Printing Museum

4F, Library, No.100 Shuifeng Road


Shanghai Martial Arts Museum

No.650 Qingyuanhuan Road


Yangpu District Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

No.1111 Changyang Road


Urban Green Lung
Gongqing Forest Park
Creating the natural landscape of hills, lawn, lakes, streams, woods and bamboo, Gongqing forest Park introduces 12 major features including Pine Valley, Jungle & Plains, Autumn Woods, Water Town and Tree Monuments, characterized by naturalness, wildness and peace. There are also a number of interesting, challenging and exciting entertainment events, such as outdoor barbeque, horse riding, kayaking and forest railway, as well as rock-climbing, Bungee Jumping and strop. The picturesque Forest Resort and Conference Center also offers an oasis for business conferences and vacations.
NO.2000 Jungong Road (65740586)
Bamboo Garden
An embodiment of Southeast Yangtze River, Bamboo Garden is located to the north of Nenjiang Road, near Nenjiang Pork, considered as the South Section of Gongqing Forest Park. Focusing on the theme of "Bamboo", it creates a paradise of bamboo and elegance. Resembling the architectural styles in Ming and Qing Dynasties, it authentically represents the beauty of a water town with bridges and streams. Between the historical Silk Bamboo Town and Mirror Bamboo Pond, the visitors can enjoy the bamboo pavilion, decoration, foods, boat and wares. 
NO.2000 Jungong Road (65740586)
Jiangwan Wetland
In proximity to Huangpu River, the widespread Jiangwan Wetland is covered by rivers and waterways, making it the last 150-Mu ecological land in downtown Shanghai. Due to less human involvement and in particularly inactivity after 1994, the ecological system here has been gradually restored. The native plants characterized in North Asian Tropic are lushly prospering, with more and more populations of insects, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and small animals. 
No.1000 Songhu Road
SMP Skateboard Park in New Jiangwan Town
SMP Skateboard Park is not only the first park targeting at the theme of extreme sports in China, but also one of the largest skateboard parks in the world. With wide coverage and complete functionality, it is divided into different sections for beginners, medium skaters and competitors respectively. Consisting of competition sections resembling socket, U platform and street, each section features diversified difficulty levels, meeting all needs ranging from beginners to world-class masters. Meanwhile, the futuristic design of the tracks makes it not only a competition arena, also an excellent landscape.
No.2100 Songhu Road (54869826)
Yangpu Park
Located at Yanji Xincun Street in the center of Yangpu District, Yangpu District extends to Longchang Road in the east, Shuangyang Road in the west, East Liaoyuan Road in the south and Kongjiang Road in the north, covering the total area of 22 hectares. Reproducing the landscape of West Lake in Hangzhou, it focuses on water and decorates its with bridges, pavilions, corridors, jardinières and plants, including Pleasant Lake, Central Zone, Animal zone, Play Zone and Poeny Zone.
No.369 Shuangyang Road (65430028)
Huangxing Park
To the south of Wujiaochang in Yangpu District, Huangxing Park is an urban leisure park combining the ideas of "Urban Forest" with natural Landscape. The 87,000 M2 Huansha Lake is surrounded hills, slopes and decks, creating the charming landscape. After it's completion, it initiates an interlinked and interactive ecological system, like a huge emerald embedded in the neighborhood. 
No.369 East Guoshun Road (65382240)
Expo Water Gate - Qinhuangdao Road Station
At the coniunction between Yanqpu District and Hongkou District, known as"North Bund Street", Qinhuangdao. Road Station is one of the water traffic accesses during World Expo Shanghai 2010, with the coastline of 200 meters, in order to accommodate tourist groups. After the Expo, it will be transformed into a high-end riverside commercial and fashion landmark , with new functionalities and world-class brands. 
No.32 Qinhuangdao Road (65451316)
National Song Memorial
Want to go back to 60 year ago? Hope you were there during the Military Parade and Founding Ceremony?National Song Memorial may compensate your dream,by delivering the power of our National Song.Concentrating on National Song and Patriotism,the Memorial is graceful and dignified,full of memories and legends.While the older generation perceives the progress of China, the yong generation will listen to the revolutionary history.
No.151 Jingzhou Road (65458166)