• Wanda Shopping Mall

    Nearly 100 stores create an underground shopping mall with well-known brands including Uniqlo, Shanghai Story,Pirate Ship, Hello Kitty,Darphine, Shenge Spots, Yigao Digital, Time Gallery and Paris Miki. Compared to Plaza 99, this place is more casual and intimate. And here, Tom Bear Arcade preferred by both adults and kids are more than twice the size of the one on East Nanjing Road! Up to the ground floor, you will be surprised by its comprehensiveness. With KFC and Haagen-Dazs on the square, it is surrounded by five annexes, completed by the faceted and modern building design. The five buildings include Wal-mart, Pinault Printemps Redoute, First Food, Wanda International Cinema and HOLA Home Furnishing.

    No.600 Handan Road (63594089)
  • Bailian Youyicheng Shopping Mall

    Bailian Youyicheng Shopping Mall seems more compact and delicate compared to Wanda. Accessible from No.1 Exit of the semi-ground square, it offers ten themed shopping Zones from B1 to 9F,covering foods, cosmetics, leather goods, clothes, home furnishing and children's goods, as well as over 2,000 brands. Between 10 shopping hallways, each floor is completed by CHAMATE, Bifengtang or other restaurants, while Champion Skating Field on 7F is one of the few real-ice skating facilities in China, with complete set of imported icing systems. While enjoying exciting ice performance and events, you may also have the opportunities to close up to domestic and international ice stars and champions.

    No.8 Songhu Road (55665555)