Singapore Thai Shark's Fin (Wujiaochang Store)
The chef's recommendation of Shark's Fin is really appealing. The pot contains blocks of shark's fin and smooth sauce. Add some red vinegar or mix it with Thai rice,you will be surprised by its deliciousness. Cod is another star here, featuring silky and fresh texture and excellent taste.
No.237 East Guoding Road (55221717)
A brand under Wowprime Group in Taiwan, TASTY focuses on young professionals with affordable prices,compared to Wowprime Steak, which targets at high incomers. Highlighting the urban and Mediterranean style full of lightness, youth, liveliness and passion, the décor is comfortable and enchanting. 
2F, No.151 Songhu Road (Close to Zhengtong Road) (65109260)
Shengfu French BBQ Restaurant
A restaurant committed to French BBQ, it is divided into three spaces, with chefs busy cooking at the site. Spacious. and comfortable, the décor is tasteful and lively. In good weather, you can even outlook the Oriental Pearl. Enjoy wine, BQQ and chatting with friends, it will be your memorable experience.
16F, Tianyi Hotel, No.1805 Siping Road (Close to Guoquan Road) (55663799)
With amazing environment,it presents 5 or 6 menus to its customers, covering all cuisines from all over the world. Chef 's recommendations: Fish Head with Cheese, Soft Heart, Mongolia Beef, Corn & Bone Soup, Curry Crab, Deep-fried Shrimps, Steak, Exclusive Radish Pickle, Foie Gras and Diaochan Doufu.
North, 7F, Bailian Youyicheng Shopping Mall, No.8 Songhu Road (55228176)
Come and experience the most authentic Shanghainese Cuisine. Though relatively expensive, it attracts a lot of white-collars with its quality and taste. The dishes are well designed and delicate, with steady quality and outstanding services.
5F, Zhonghuan International Building, No.161, Songhu Road (4008209777)
Zhendehao Seafood Restaurant
The dishes are refined, with Chinese cuisine yet western style. The taste is fine, given the high-end services and enjoyment. Preferred by business elites and couples. Chef's recommendations: Australian Abalone. French Grilled Pawn and Crispy Shrimp Rolls. 
2F, No.365 Guoding Road (65652799)